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  • AP GP Progression NMAT 2023

    Question 1 How many numbers between 900 and 3000 are exactly divisible by both 12 and 40? a) 18 b) 17 c) 12 d) 19 Answer : b) 17 Solution : If a number is divided by 12 and 40 then it must be divided by their LCM which is 120.Numbers between 900 and 3000 which…

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  • Time & Work NMAT 2023

    Q 1. Reema can complete a piece of work in 12 days while Seema can the same work in 18 days. If they both work together, then how many days will be required to finish the work?a. 6 daysb. 7.2 daysc. 9.5 daysd. 12 days Q 2. If ‘A’ completes a piece of work in 3 days,…

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  • Time Speed Distance in NMAT 2023

    Q1. A train crosses a man, who is running in the same direction of train at the speed of 2m/sec. in 10 seconds. The same train crosses a tunnel in 54 seconds. If speed of train is 72 km/h then what is the length of tunnel?(a) 850 m(b) 800 m(c) 900 m(d) 750 m(e) 650…

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