NMIMS Hyderabad, Indore, Navi Mumbai interview experience

Feedback – GD/ WAT:

  • Topic: “Selling old govt assets is like selling your grandmother’s antique china?”

Feedback – Personal Interview 1:
Candidate’s Profile: Bachelors in Computer Engineering, work experience- 2 years

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Explain the financial crime risk domain you work in.
  3. Discuss Hong Kong’s current news.
  4. Technical questions related to the candidate’s project.
  5. Comparison of various cloud platforms.
  6. Shift away from tech and desired specialization.
  7. Discrepancy in appearance compared to Aadhar Card.

Feedback – Personal Interview 2:
Candidate’s Profile: B.Sc, Work Experience- 3 Years

  1. Introduction and why pursue MBA after teaching.
  2. Choice of MBA over joining another coaching institute.
  3. Explain the mentioned creativity.
  4. Share experiences from working at different companies.
  5. Give three reasons for selection.

Feedback – Personal Interview 3:
Candidate’s Profile: B.Tech (Electrical)

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Favorite subjects in engineering.
  3. Questions related to electrical vehicles and current scenario.
  4. Views on the future scenario in India.
  5. Practical use of electrical vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles.
  6. Knowledge about EHV and rooftop solar panels.
  7. Charging electric vehicles at home – AC or DC?
  8. Energy stored in solar panels and its usage.
  9. Use of social media and understanding of social media influencers.
  10. Why ASCI drafted guidelines for social media influencers.
  11. Why the candidate should be selected over others.

Feedback – Personal Interview 4:
Candidate’s Profile: Graduate (BBA)

  1. Questions about the candidate’s hometown.
  2. Special features of Bathinda.
  3. Discussion about the candidate’s mother being a bank manager in PNB.
  4. PNB’s rank among PSU banks and recent news about PNB.
  5. Views on merging of banks.
  6. Questions from the candidate’s SOP.
  7. Problem faced during the internship and how it was tackled.

Feedback – Case Discussion:

  • Number of participants: 11-12
  • Duration: 1 minute to think and write points, 10-12 minutes for discussion, 3 minutes for conclusion
  1. How to increase demand for an air purifier product?
  2. Technology taking away jobs: Is it a universal concern?
  3. Sustainable growth of a successful company.
  4. Introducing standing-only coaches in overcrowded trains: Practical solution and alternatives.
  5. Product launch strategy for KaliSoda, a new energy drink.
  6. Background checks on employees: Should companies limit themselves to social media checks?
  7. Robots taking over jobs: Case study discussion.

Feedback – Personal Interview 1:
Candidate Profile: B.A. (Honours) Economics, Fresher

  1. Where are you from? Differences between Mumbai and Delhi.
  2. Views on the current Indian economy.
  3. Steps to improve the economic condition.
  4. Why MBA? (Cross-questioning)
  5. Views on ‘Make in India’ campaign.
  6. Leader looked up to.
  7. Move from Mumbai to Delhi.
  8. Meaning of sustainability.

Feedback – Personal Interview 2:
Candidate Profile: B.Com, Fresher

  1. Final semester elective choice.
  2. Why an MBA? (Organizational behavior)
  3. Big four companies in audit.
  4. Difference between preference and equity shares.
  5. MBA as a fresher. Rejection of job offer.
  6. Investment banker’s role and factors considered.
  7. Current interest rate for savings deposits.
  8. Thoughts on recent bank scams.
  9. Clarification on PMC or PNB.

Feedback – Personal Interview 3:
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Electronics), Fresher

  1. Hometown and information about Pune.
  2. Engineering branch and differences between analog and digital electronics.
  3. Specialization interest in MBA.
  4. Open-minded approach and subjects influencing decision.
  5. MBA-related books read.
  6. Why MBA now instead of a job?
  7. Explanation for low marks in 12th and graduation.
  8. Other calls received.

Feedback – Case Discussion:

  • Number of participants: 10-15
  • Duration: 5 minutes for reading, 12 minutes for discussion, 3 minutes for conclusion
  1. Why does Amazon want to maintain its position as a leader in Indian E-commerce?
  2. Implementation of a UV radiation machine: Involvement of the Environmental Quality Board.
  3. Agricultural conditions in India: Suggestions based on a comparison with the US.
  4. Bill Gates Foundation monetary aid options: Ranking for diagnosis kit, water filtration machine, menstruation awareness, and mental health initiatives.

Feedback – Personal Interview 1:
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Mechanical), Work Experience of 2 years

  1. Choice of engineering location and university.
  2. Gap year decision and choice of university.
  3. Work at Hindalco and reasons for quitting.
  4. Hobbies and two current affairs topics.
  5. Kyoto Protocol analysis and TQM explanation.
  6. Difference between Quality controls and Quality Assurance.
  7. Definition of TQM and explanation of six sigma.

Feedback – Personal Interview 2:
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (ECE), Work Experience in Tech Mahindra, Freelance Writer

  1. Introduction and role at Tech Mahindra.
  2. Decision to leave the job and details of content writing.
  3. Book reading and critical analysis of Animal Farm.
  4. Continuation of MBA despite challenges.
  5. Relationship between IT job and content writing.
  6. Creative individual and reasons to select.

Feedback – Personal Interview 3:
Candidate Profile: B.Tech, Work Experience of 18 months in Big4

  1. Definition of LLP and interesting work experience.
  2. Specialization choice and knowledge about marketing.
  3. 7 Ps of marketing and trends in marketing.
  4. Explanation of recent marketing techniques.
  5. Handling a school crisis as a marketing head.
  6. Awareness of products using similar marketing.

Feedback – Personal Interview 4:
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE), Fresher

  1. Appreciation of the afternoon and personal values/qualities.
  2. Involvement in the E-cell and contributions as the head.
  3. Favorite entrepreneur and differences between 2G and 3G.
  4. Difference between AI and ML and chosen specialization.
  5. Strengths for NMIMS and family background.
  6. Problems faced by the company where the father works and information about siblings.

Feedback – WAT:

  • Topics covered:
  1. A company moving headquarters to Dubai, Congress criticism.
  2. Choosing between two English speaking skills courses for a study tour to the USA.
  • Candidates may be asked to justify their stance in the interview.

Feedback – Case Discussion:

  • Number of participants: 10-15
  • Duration: 5 minutes for reading, 15 minutes for discussion, last 3 minutes for conclusion
  1. Social media impact on teenagers.
  2. Boat sinking scenario: Prioritize and discuss.
  3. Rising pollution in Mumbai: Causes and steps to reduce.
  4. Income disparity in India: Suggested steps for improvement.

Feedback – Personal Interview 1:
Candidate Profile: Owns a startup

  1. Introduction and discussion about hobbies.
  2. Overview of the startup and long-term goals.
  3. CAT percentile and travel preferences.
  4. Five reasons for not selecting the candidate.
  5. B-school priorities and expectations of selection.
  6. Sharing a recent funny incident.

Feedback – Personal Interview 2:
Candidate Profile: Engineer, work ex

  1. Discussion on why engineers opt for MBA.
  2. Reasons for not changing jobs in Deloitte.
  3. Accomplishments at Deloitte and interview preparation.
  4. Knowledge about food outlets in Bangalore.
  5. Understanding of environmental issues in Bangalore.
  6. Choice of specialization and lessons from extracurricular activities.

Feedback – Personal Interview 3:
Candidate Profile: Work ex (Infosys)

  1. Infosys-related questions: Leadership, revenue, Sikka-Murthy feud.
  2. Job responsibilities at Infosys and choice of specialization.
  3. Reasons for choosing NMIMS and linking SCM to social issues.

Feedback – Personal Interview 4:
Candidate Profile: Fresher

  1. Addressing the position as the last candidate.
  2. Summarizing life story in a minute.
  3. Choice of HR with a tech background and startup suggestion.
  4. Three qualities of HR personnel and reasons for suitability.

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