NMIMS Mumbai interview experience

NMIMS CD-PI Experience Summary:

  • Interview Number: 61
  • Panel: 10
  • P1 Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
  • P2 Duration: Around 30 minutes
  • Background: Fresher, General category, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Interview Questions:

  1. Q: Introduce Yourself
  2. Q: How do you stay informed about current affairs?
  3. Q: Identify the owner of Times of India.
  4. Q: Share insights about Budget 2023 beyond tax-related matters.
  5. Q: Discuss global events unrelated to Adani-Hindenburg and Turkey-Syria.
  6. Q: Explain the functioning of a Modem.
  7. Q: Describe the workings of Optical Fibre.
  8. Q: Define TIR.
  9. Q: Explain the concept of refractive index.
  10. Q: If you were the mayor of your city, outline initiatives beyond infrastructure and sanitation.
  11. Q: Share your dream company.
  12. Q: Given your academic excellence, why haven’t you considered pursuing a Master’s degree?

Certainly! Here’s a rephrased version of the provided information:

NMIMS CD-PI Experience Summary:

  • Interview Number: 62
  • Date: 09-02-2023
  • Time: Afternoon slot
  • Location: Off-campus
  • Profile:
  • NMAT Score: 229
  • B.E. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Work Experience: 30 months

Process Overview:

  • Timing: The WAT, WATSON, and PI sessions started around 12 noon and concluded by approximately 4 pm.
  • Candidates: Two other candidates participated in the interview.

WAT Topic:

  • Prompt: Is it sustainable for India to experience a decline in female participation in the workforce?
  • Context: A passage was provided, discussing a survey that highlighted the decreasing trend of women’s participation in jobs over the years.

Interview Panel:

  • Panelists: The panel comprised two members, one male and one female.

Panelist 1:

  1. What motivates you to pursue an MBA?
  2. Why have you chosen finance/business analytics for your MBA, given your background in operations during work experience?
  3. Name three positive and negative aspects of your current location (Pune).
  4. Discuss your work experience, including your role and responsibilities.
  5. Provide details about your activities during the gap year.

Panelist 2:

  1. Explain the concept of stock split (due to your mentioned stock market study during the gap year).
  2. Discuss the reasons why companies opt for stock splits.
  3. Define the term “Bonus” in the context of stocks.
  4. Explain why some companies distribute dividends while others do not.
  5. What is the face value of a stock?
  6. Present your perspective on an ethical dilemma related to your work experience.

Overall Experience:

  • The overall experience was smooth without intense questioning.
  • No challenging or grilling questions were posed.
  • General Knowledge or Budget-related inquiries were not part of the interview.


  • NMAT: 50%
  • WATSON: 20%
  • PI and Work Experience: 10% each
  • Academics and WAT: 5% each

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 63:

  • Interview Slot: Afternoon
  • Educational Background: B.Com, Fresher
  • Professional Experience: Worked in an NGO, specializing in finance
  • Interview Process Overview:
  • Commenced with a comprehensive explanation of the interview process in the auditorium.
  • Participants were organized into groups, each assigned a teacher for guidance.

Interview Panel:

  • Panelists: 2
  • Male (aged above 50)
  • Female (aged above 40)

Interview Encounter:

  • Kick-off: Initiated with an explanation of the gap year, offering a suitable justification.
  • Central Theme: Shared involvement in the stock market, leading to inquiries about Sensex and Nifty 50.
  • Question Dynamics: The male panelist observed, while the female counterpart actively presented queries.
  • Financial Knowledge: Queried about five asset management companies; the candidate identified four.
  • Current Affairs: Inquired about the Chief Justice of India (CJI), to which the candidate expressed unawareness.
  • Ministerial Insights: Posed questions about the Commerce Minister and Textile Minister; both roles currently held by Shri Piyush Goyal.
  • Closure: Concluded with queries about TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) full form and the entity responsible for its incorporation (Department of Telecommunication).
  • Final Exchange: Panelists extended thanks, reciprocated by the candidate who then exited the room.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 64:

  • Interview Session: Morning (Off-campus)
  • Educational Background: Fresher, currently pursuing B.Com H (Final Year)

Interview Panel:

  • Panelists: Two Males

Interview Queries:

  1. Why are you interested in pursuing an MBA?
  • The conversation delved into this topic for an in-depth 5-7 minutes.
  1. Why not take a gap year and opt for an MBA in Human Resource?
  • I explained my preferred field, though one panelist seemed dissatisfied with my response.
  1. HR Scenario:
  • In the role of an HR, I was presented with a scenario where 30 employees intended to resign due to their demand for a 35% hike. However, the top management was unwilling to grant any increase. The question probed how I would handle this situation.
  1. Moonlighting:
  • Defined moonlighting and discussed its impact on the IT sector. Explored a scenario where top-level executives hold interests in multiple companies, questioning whether this constitutes moonlighting.
  1. India’s Trajectory:
  • Explored the future trajectory of India as a sector.


  • The panelists expressed gratitude and concluded the session with a positive note: “You may leave! Nice interacting with you!”

NMIMS CD-PI Experience Summary – Slot 67

Date: 14th February

Interview Slot: Afternoon

Educational Background: BE Mech with 8 months of work experience in the Renewable Energy field.

Test Overview:

  • The Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Watson Glaser Test were conducted, focusing on suggesting a new method for HR performance evaluation.

Process Overview:

  • Initial orientation in the auditorium to explain the interview process.
  • Participants were divided into groups, each assigned a teacher for assistance during the interview process.


  • Two panelists, one male and one female, both above 40 years old.

Interview Highlights:

  1. Personal Background:
  • Questions about your hometown, Virar, and your place of upbringing.
  • Query about your graduating college.
  1. Technical Questions:
  • Challenge in differentiating the traction of Local trains and Metro trains.
  • Inquiry about your desired MBA specialization.
  • Difficulty in responding to a question about innovations in windmills.
  • Checking if you are updated with current affairs, specifically mentioning the Hindenburg & Adani case.
  • Stumbling on recalling the RBI Governor’s name.
  1. MBA-related Questions:
  • Explaining inflation and its calculation.
  • Discussing different fields in MBA.
  • Expressing the skills you anticipate gaining after completing an MBA, with a slight fumble in the response.


  • The interview lasted approximately 10 minutes.
  • Both panelists wished you good luck at the end.


  • Work on strengthening knowledge in technical areas, especially those related to your field.
  • Stay consistently updated on current affairs, including prominent financial and economic events.
  • Practice articulating your thoughts to enhance fluency in responding to questions.

Overall, the experience provides valuable insights for future interviews, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded preparation approach.

NMIMS CD-PI experience:

NMIMS CD-PI Experience Recap – Slot 68

Date: 14th February

Interview Slot: Afternoon

Educational Background: BE Mech with 27 months of work experience in IT.

Test Overview:

  • The Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Watson Glaser Test were described as slightly challenging but manageable.

Interview Panelists:

  • Two male panelists, aged 45 and 60.

Interview Highlights:
1st Panelist:

  • Explored your work experience and questioned your preferred MBA specialization (Marketing).
  • Followed up on Marketing with inquiries about the 7Ps and delved into specifics on digital marketing and performance marketing.
  • Presented an ethical dilemma regarding accessing clients’ payroll files and curiosity about the highest-paid individual.

2nd Panelist:

  • Inquired about the transition from Mechanical Engineering to IT and your current pursuit of an MBA.
  • Asked about your final year project.
  • Posed a personal question regarding any connection to the Chhattisgarh CM due to shared caste and hometown.
  • Explored your motivation for pursuing an MBA.

Overall Atmosphere:

  • Panelists displayed both smiling and poker faces.
  • The interview was characterized as smooth without intense grilling.

Duration: 10-15 minutes


  • Overall, the experience was positive, covering various aspects from professional background to personal motivations.
  • Noteworthy was your adept handling of questions related to work experience, MBA specialization, and ethical dilemmas.


  • The interview provided an avenue to showcase your professional journey, educational background, and reasons for pursuing an MBA.
  • The varied expressions of the panelists suggested a balanced and friendly interview atmosphere.

Keep up the preparation for potential questions related to your field and aspirations as you progress through the admissions process. Best of luck!

Thank you for sharing your off-campus interview experience. Here’s a summary:

Off-Campus Interview Experience – 18th Feb (Afternoon Slot), Group 4, Number 4


  • Entrepreneur in Industrial Automation with 14 months of experience.
  • B.COM (H) graduate in 2021.

Test Overview:

  • WAT: Focused on the impact of pre and post-covid conditions on various industries and irreversible changes.
  • Watson Glaser Test: Consisting of 40 questions in 30 minutes, described as moderate.

Interview Panel:

  • Two interviewers, one male and one female, both above 35 years old.

Interview Highlights – Female Panelist (P1):

  1. Selling Strategy: Asked how you would sell a pen, requiring a detailed strategy.
  2. Marketing Definition: Inquired about your understanding of marketing.
  3. Product vs. Service Marketing: Asked to differentiate between product and service marketing.
  4. Current Affairs: Raised questions about news related to sugar, Nyka, and Mamaearth.
  5. Marketing vs. Branding: Asked to explain the difference between marketing and branding.
  6. Unexpected Graduation Questions: Surprised you with questions related to statistics and finance from your graduation.

Interview Highlights – Male Panelist (P2):

  1. Venture Explanation: Inquired about your entrepreneurial venture and the reasons behind starting it.
  2. Why MBA: Questioned the decision to pursue an MBA after achieving a substantial turnover in your business.
  3. Overqualification Concern: Expressing concern about the possibility of leaving your successful business due to pursuing an MBA. You clarified your intention to continue the business with new hires.
  4. Accounting Questions: Asked about components of a balance sheet and the journal entry for a loan.


  • The interview lasted until the accounting questions were addressed.
  • An expression was noted from the male panelist that suggested a perception of overqualification.
  • The interview concluded with a polite thank you and dismissal.


  • Overall, the interview covered aspects of your business, marketing knowledge, and unexpected graduation-related questions.
  • Clearly communicated your future plans and intention to continue the business despite pursuing an MBA.


  • Continue preparing for unexpected questions related to your academic background.
  • Be ready to address concerns about overqualification and communicate your plans effectively.

Wishing you the best as you progress in the admissions process!

Thank you for sharing your NMIMS CD-PI experiences. Here are concise summaries:

Experience 1 (Morning Slot – 18th Feb) – Group 19

  • Profile: 87.4% / 83.92% / 7.94 / 8.65 / 3 years work ex in R&D
  • NMAT Scores: 241 (91/82/68)
  • Interview Panel: 2 Male Panelists (55+, 45+)

WAT & Watson Glaser:

  • WAT on innovative gadgets improving senses and their impact.
  • Watson Glaser test with 40 questions in 30 minutes.

PI Highlights:

  1. Questions on academic and work background, including reasons for pursuing an MBA.
  2. Inquiry into the UG project and its applications.
  3. Discussion on the products worked on during R&D and marketing strategies.
  4. Specialization interests and applications of the products.
  5. Friendly panelists, interview lasted 10-12 minutes.


  • For candidates with work experience, thorough preparation on your work is essential.

Experience 2 (CD-PI Experience 71)

  • Profile: BBA, CFA LV.2 PASS, 36 Months work ex
  • Interview Panel: 2 Male Panelists

PI Highlights:

  1. Introduction and professional achievements.
  2. Discussion on delivering projects successfully and personal traits.
  3. Why MBA and career aspirations in investment management.
  4. Questions on the financials of the current company and major news.
  5. In-depth discussion on stock analysis, CFA Level 3, and future plans.
  6. Questions about news, short selling, and stock valuation.
  7. The interview lasted until all topics were covered, around 20 minutes.


  • Prepare thoroughly for questions related to your work, achievements, and industry knowledge.

Experience 3 (CD-PI Experience 72)

  • Test Overview:
  • WAT on government incentivizing the PLI scheme despite increasing pollution.
  • Watson Glaser Test with 40 questions in 5 sections, 30 minutes.

PI Highlights:

  1. Greetings and a brief self-introduction.
  2. Work experience discussion cut short, moved directly to small business-related questions.
  3. The interview focused extensively on the small business, with cross-questioning.
  4. The entire process took around 20 to 25 minutes, concluding around 1.15 pm.

These experiences provide valuable insights into the diverse range of questions asked during NMIMS CD-PI interviews, ranging from academic achievements to current affairs and industry knowledge. Prepare thoroughly and stay confident in discussing your experiences and aspirations.

Thank you for sharing your NMIMS CD-PI experiences. Here are summarized highlights:

Experience 73 (Engineering Background, 2 Years Work Experience):

  • Panelists: 2 Male
  • Questions:
  1. Managerial skills of ECE engineers compared to other branches.
  2. Concepts from signals and systems, differentiation, and graphing.
  3. Difference between 4G and 5G.
  4. Managerial skills learned from Place Comm.
  5. Inquiry into Excel skills and related cross-questioning.
  6. Questions about organizing National Science Week.
  7. Explanation for comparatively lower CGPA in certain semesters.
  8. Cross-questioning on the decision to pursue MBA.
  9. Basics of finance and terms known.
  10. Details about current job role and any managerial work.

Experience 74 (GI2 – 22nd Feb – 9 am slot):

  • WAT: Explaining the working of landline telephones to someone born in 2005.
  • PI Panel: 3 Females (F1, F2, F3)
  • PI Highlights:
  1. Introduction and insight into the current economy.
  2. Recommendations to improve the economy and cross-questioning.
  3. Scenarios on introducing non-veg in a veg campus and dealing with a chain-smoking CMO.
  4. Panelist’s opinions and debate on each scenario.
  5. Opportunity for questions from the candidate.

Experience 1 (10th March 2021):

  • Profile: GEM, Good Academics, GATE Qualified, Achievements, and Experiences.
  • WAT: Write-up on the Indian fruit market flooded with imported fruit, with a political angle.
  • PI Panel: 3 Females (F1, F2, F3)
  • PI Highlights:
  1. Introduction and insights into the economy.
  2. Recommendations to improve the economy, discussion on educational reforms.
  3. Grammar-related question on APJ Kalam’s autobiography.
  4. Discussion on the ‘Make in India’ concept and its difference from ‘Made in India.’
  5. Question on national achievements and creative interests.
  6. Recitation and explanation of a favorite poem.
  7. Question on handling conflict where morals differ, especially with authority.

Experience 2 (9th March 2021 – Off-Campus):

  • Profile: Civil Engineering, 1 Year Work Experience.
  • Panel 1 (Male):
  1. Questions on the regulation of the stock market and financial institutions.
  2. Questions on work experience.
  • Panel 2 (Male):
  1. Inquiry about reading management books and reasons for pursuing an MBA.
  2. Questions about investment in companies and PE ratios.
  • Panel 3:
  1. Explanation of handling problems in the workplace with an example.
  2. Naming types of construction in civil construction.
  3. Questions about management books and the choice of civil engineering.

Overall, the experiences indicate a mix of technical and general questions, including those related to current affairs, work experience, and academic background. Preparing thoroughly and staying confident in diverse topics is crucial for a successful NMIMS CD-PI.

Certainly! Here are the questions from the NMIMS CD-PI experiences, rearranged in a concise and organized order:

Experience 3:

  1. Explain the quote from your SOP.
  2. Which company do you want to join and why?
  3. Explain the concept of mean, median, and mode with examples.
  4. Discuss your favorite books and authors.
  5. Describe your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Why are you switching to an MBA and not focusing on banking and finance?
  7. Share three learnings from your experiences and how they will help in MBA.
  8. When is the right time to hold, sell, or buy stocks?

Experience 4:

  1. Rate and explain any work experience.
  2. Narrate a situation where you had to make a tough decision with negative impacts.
  3. Detail your job role in the organization.
  4. Why pursue an MBA now despite having a great role in your previous job?
  5. Why did you leave your job, and what did you do during this period?
  6. Discuss the factors that made your previous organization successful and how they will influence you.
  7. What went wrong with your organization concerning RBI?
  8. Opine on your organization being perceived as bureaucratic.

Experience 5:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Why pursue an MBA, especially when you have good academics and could consider GRE?
  3. Explain your current company, its sectors, and financial statements.
  4. Describe your job responsibilities.
  5. How do you manage people, and can you share instances of resolving issues?
  6. What maintenance practices are followed in your current company?
  7. Which field do you want to join post-MBA, and why?
  8. Discuss Indian FMCG sectors and companies.
  9. What are your favorite sports and pastimes?
  10. Explore the correlation between chess and life.
  11. Share the most challenging aspects of your job and what you like/dislike the most about your company.

Experience 6:

  1. Why MBA? (Entrepreneurial perspective)
  2. Do you have an interest in technology?
  3. Any business paper you read recently?
  4. Discuss any business news in the last 3-4 months (specifically the budget).
  5. When did the budget come out, and what did you like about it?
  6. What is privatization, and can you name some privatized entities?
  7. Explain CRR, SLR, IRR, and Repo rate.
  8. Who is the President of the United States?
  9. Discuss the book mentioned that you didn’t know much about.

Experience 7:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Which football clubs and international teams do you follow, and who are their managers?
  3. Explain your job role and how changes in retail schemes may impact your team.
  4. Why Finance as a specialization?
  5. Name fields one can enter through Finance.
  6. Explain F&O (Futures and Options).
  7. Who is the current RBI governor and the Governor of Maharashtra?
  8. What government schemes related to fitness were launched recently?
  9. Do you practice yoga? If so, mention some asanas.
  10. Who is your role model, apart from Ronaldo?
  11. Why should NMIMS select you?
  12. What specialization do you prefer and why?

These questions cover a broad spectrum, including academic, professional, and personal aspects, reflecting the diversity of topics discussed in the NMIMS CD-PI experiences.

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