NMIMS Bengaluru Campus interview experience

NMIMS is a reputed university that offers MBA programmes at all its campuses (Mumbai, Bengaluru, Indore, Hyderabad,Navi Mumbai). It is included in the list of top 25 management institutes of India, as per NIRF rankings. Besides the General MBA programme, NMIMS extends MBA in Human Resources, Pharmaceuticals Management, Digital Transformation, Business Analytics, Family Business Management, and several others. In the initial stage, the candidates are shortlisted as per the university’s entrance test (NMAT) scores. The final admission is determined by a range of factors like past academic records, achievements, work experience, and WAT-PI performance.

The process for MBA admissions 2022 at NMIMS followed the given order:

  • Shortlisting (based on NMAT score)
  • Written Ability Test (WAT)
  • Personal Interview

Group Discussion:

  1. Workers quitting due to overtime and night shifts; suggest measures to address the situation.
  2. Indian entrepreneur exporting textiles to the US faces losses and commits suicide; whom to blame?
  3. Dilemma: A dying person willing to donate a kidney for free, but family disagrees; how would an entrepreneur handle this?
  4. Consensus on the top 10 toughest jobs out of 20 difficult jobs given (e.g., coal miner, electrician).

Personal Interview:
Excerpts from Interview 1:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Job profile and how you manage work (System Integrator).
  3. Learnings from work.
  4. Weaknesses and plans to overcome them.
  5. Chairman of the Planning Commission of India.
  6. Capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Excerpts from Interview 2:

  1. Background with a 205 NMAT score.
  2. Work with an NGO and interest in the stock market.
  3. Reasons for working with an NGO and returning for MBA.
  4. Difference between a share and a bond.
  5. Importance of job vs. organization.
  6. Reason for transitioning from the spiritual world to MBA.

Excerpts from Interview 3:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Railways’ planned modifications and their sufficiency.
  3. Chopper deal company and recent developments.
  4. Job profile, clients, and switch from Industrial Engineering to IT.

Excerpts from Interview 4:

  1. Why NMIMS and why MBA.
  2. Choice between MBA and research.
  3. When the decision to pursue MBA was made.
  4. Involvement in college events and learning from activities.
  5. Biggest challenge faced in life.

Excerpts from Interview 5:

  1. Background with a 216 NMAT score.
  2. Units of power and horse power.
  3. Reasons for choosing the college.
  4. Other MBA calls and selection criteria.
  5. Safety environment in industries and its adherence in Indian industries.

Interview 1:
Background: BBA, Fresher
NMAT Score: 244

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Marketing interest but only HR seats available; would you opt for HR?
  3. Examples of marketing campaigns increasing sales (Indian companies).
  4. Difference between services-based and product-based marketing.
  5. Disadvantages of e-learning.
  6. Latest business news and recent IPO performance.

Interview 2:
Background: B.Com, Fresher

  1. Current activities and why MBA now.
  2. Coping with peers who have work experience.
  3. Value brought to the institution.
  4. Social work experience and two NGOs.
  5. Concepts: Commerce, General Ledger, financial statements.
  6. Favourite subject, digital marketing, pull and push market.

Interview 3:
Background: B.Tech (CS), Work Ex: 8 months

  1. Why HR specialization?
  2. Knowledge about performance management and talent acquisition.
  3. Shift from IT to MBA, awareness of new education policy.
  4. Alternative options if not NMIMS and if not MBA.
  5. CHRO importance in Infosys.

Interview 4:
Background: B.Tech (Electronics and Instrumentation), Fresher
NMAT Score: 230

  1. Something not in SOP.
  2. Placement in final year.
  3. Decision for MBA straight after college.
  4. Technical questions: Smart transmitter, Orifice meter application, Thermocouple.
  5. Difference between administration and management.
  6. Hobbies and one-line description of NGO work impact.

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