Arithmetic in NMAT 2023

Q1. X invested Rs. P at 10% per annum, Y invested Rs.(P – 4000) less amount than X at the rate of 12% per annum. If they both get total compound interest at the end of two years Rs. 6412.8, then find capital invested by Y ?
(a) 16000 Rs.
(b) 12000 Rs.
(c) 10000 Rs.
(d) 14000 Rs
(e) 18000 Rs.

Q2. B is 40% less efficient than A and efficiency of C is ¼th the efficiency of A and B together. If C joined A and B every third day, then all three together complete the work in 27¾ days. Find in how many days will B alone complete the work?
(a) 40days
(b) 60days
(c) 50days
(d) 100days
(e) 80days

Q3.Ratio of Vodka and Wine in vessel A is 5 : 3 and same mixture in vessel B in the ratio of 3 : 2, 16ℓ of mixture from vessel A taken out and poured in vessel B new ratio of Vodka to wine becomes 29 : 19. If new quantity of mixture in vessel B is equal to initial quantity of mixture in vessel A, then find quantity of Vodka after 16 ℓ of mixture has been taken out from vessel A ?
(a) 50l
(b) 48l
(c) 54l
(d) 80l
(e) 84l

Q4. A boat takes double times in covering same distance in upstream that of downstream, if boat cover 96 km in downstream and 72 upstream in total 20 hours. Find still water speed of boat ?
(a) 6km/hr
(b) 8km/hr
(c) 7km/hr
(d) 9 km/hr
(e) 12km/hr

Q5. A train P with speed 64 km/hr crosses a pole in 27 second and an another train Q whose speed is 12½% less than train P crosses a man in 36 second. If both train move in opposite direction to each other, then find in how much time will they cross each other?
(a) 28.2 sec
(b) 36.2 sec
(c) 31.2 sec
(d) 38.2sec
(e) 39.2 sec

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